The Nemrut mountainside with the tomb of the King Antiochus of the Commagene Kingdom and several giant statues was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1987. Nemrut Mountain is also known as the highest open-air museum in the world. It is situated in the Kahta county of Adiyaman province, with its enchanting ten meters high statues, the huge inscriptions and the ancient Commagene sanctuary.

Nemrut Mountain was one of the most majestic place of worship in ancient Anatolia. According to the inscriptions, Antiochus built a monumental tomb, a tumulus of cut stones built over the tomb, and terraces along the three edges of the tumulus. The statues made of stone blocks, each weighing 7-8 metric tons, sit on thrones about seven metres above the terrace floor. The heads of the statues have toppled down and are scattered on the terraces. The Nemrut Mountain, with the most majestic sunrise and sunset panoramas in the world as well as its giant statues and monumental tomb, is waiting for its visitors.