Altıntepe (Turkish for “golden hill”) or Yerez (Armenian: Երեզ) is an Urartian fortress dating from the 9th-7th century BCE. It is located on a height overlooking the Euphrates River in Üzümlü district of Erzincan Province in the Eastern Anatolia region of modern Turkey.

Altıntepe is located at the 12th kilometre on the highway from Erzincan to Erzurum . The remains are situated on a 60 m-high volcanic hill. During excavations undertaken between 1959-1968 and led by Professor Dr. Tahsin Özgüç, a castle of the Urartian period was found. In this area, a temple or palace, the great hall, warehouse, city wall, rooms, 3 subterranean rooms sides on south of the hill[dubious – discuss] and an open-air temple were found and excavated. After a long break, excavations were restarted in 2003 by the decision of the Council of Ministers, under the leadership of Professor Dr. Mehmet Karaosmanoğlu.