Anchiale was a historic city in Mersin, Turkey.

The main informant about Anchiale was Strabo. According to Strabo the city had been constructed by Sardanapalus, the last king of Assyria. Strabo further claims that Sardanapalus’ tomb is in Anchiale. The city was conquered by Alexander the Great just before the battle of Issus.

The exacy location of Anchiale is debatable. Like most historians British captain Francis Beaufort identifies Anchiale with Karaduvar, now a neighbourhood of Mersin at 36°48′35″N 34°41′58″E. But he adds that the amount of ruins in Karaduvar are too few for an important ancient city.

As Beaufort points out there are only a few ruins. There are a timulus, several house ruins and an aquedect from the original city. Bath mosaic is from Roman times