Dalgıç Ahmed Ağa (?-1608):
Dalgıç Ahmed Ağa was appointed to the post of Chief Archiect after the death of Davud Ağa. He continued serving until 1606. He served as a tommy (Serdengeçti) and sergeant (Dergah-ı Ali Çavuşu) in the Ottoman Army. He went to Erzurum and Damascus with the title of Paşa, and to Aleppo under the Ottoman Syria. He served as a Silistre marquis (Sancak Beyliği) when Davud Ağa was the Chief Architect. Ahmed Ağa was charged to put down the revolt of Kalenderoğlu. As a Minister of Waterways, Dalgıç Ahmed Ağa built canals in Istanbul and renovated the Topkapı Palace. He built Baruthane and Arslanhane in Kağıthane, Istanbul. He continued the construction of the Yeni Mosque between 1599 and 1603, which was started by Davud Ağa. Ahmed Ağa also completed the Tomb of Murad III. In addition, he was a craftsman of mother-of-pearl inlay, like Sedefkâr Mehmed Ağa. The door decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay in the Tomb of Murad III. is famous as Ahmed Ağas’ work. Ahmed Ağa built the Tomb of Sultan Mehmed III. Dalgıç Ahmed Ağa died in a war in 1608.