Zeki Sayar (1905–2000) was a Turkish architect, journalist and the publisher of Turkey’s first architectural magazine, Arkikekt. His purpose was to introduce Turkish architects to the public to improve their prospects.

The first architectural magazine of Turkey was called Arkitekt. Sayar introduced it with Abidin Mortaş and A.Ziya Kozanoğlu in 1935.At first, the magazine was called Mimar (architect in Turkish). They were forced to change its name by the Press Public Directorate, after a linguistic revolution in Turkey. They picked their name on that of the Finnish magazine Arkkitehti, given that Finnish and Turkish are part of the same language group. Both Mortaş and Kozanoğlu left and Zeki Sayar continued to publish Arkitekt for 50 years. Sayar translated and published writings of Famous architects like Le Corbusier