Fahri KORUTÜRK Biography

Term in the Office: 6 April 1973- 6 April 1980

Fahri Korutürk was born in Istanbul in 1903.He entered the Naval High School in 1916 and graduated from Naval Military College and Naval Military Academy in 1923 and 1933 respectively.

After serving in various levels in the Naval Forces, he worked as the Naval Attaché in Rome, Berlin and Stockholm.

Korutürk attended the Montreux Straits Conference as a military expert. In 1950 he became an admiral. Korutürk who served in different commanding positions was appointed to the Turkish Embassy in Moscow following his retirement in 1960. Later he became the Ambassador to Madrid. He resigned from this position in 1965 and returned to Turkey.

Korutürk became a member of the Senate of the Republic in 1968 and was elected as the sixth President of Turkey by the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) in 1973.

Upon completion of his seven year term in the Presidency, he left the Office in 1980 and served as a senator in accordance with the Constitution until the military intervention in 12 September 1980.

Fahri Korutürk who got married to Emel Hanım in 1944 and had three children with her died on 12 October 1987.