Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink Biography

Journalist, Activist (1954–2007)
Hrant Dink was a Turkish-Armenian journalist who was murdered in front of his office after controversial statements were made concerning ethnic genocide.


“Come, let us first understand each other…Come, let us first respect each other’s pain… Come, let us first let one another live…”
—Hrant Dink


Born on September 15, 1954, in Malatya, Turkey, Hrant Dink went on to become a journalist who served as editor of the newspaper Agos, which gave a voice to Armenian communities. He’d made allegations of Turkey’s involvement in Armenian genocide during the WWI era, which lead to a court conviction. Dink, who’d feared for his life, was shot and killed in front of his office on January 19, 2007. After his murder, the Hrant Dink Foundation was established in his honor to help expand cultural dialogue, empathy and peace.