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The countdown to your trip is on. You’ve pinpointed the perfect Sun beach, dreamed up a hit-list of Istanbul galleries or browsed online for the best restaurants in Antalya – but when it comes to hotels and hostels, making that booking can feel like a bit of a gamble.

That’s where we come in. Every single one of Turkey This Way’s author reviewed hotels is a place you can trust: we’ve been there, we’ve given our honest opinion, and we never, ever accept freebies in exchange for positive hotel reviews. When you see the smiling author icon against any of the hotels, hostels or B&Bs on our site, you can breathe a little easier knowing that one of our travel experts has visited it.

So with worries out of the way, it’s time to get on with the fun part – hunting out your dream accommodation. You might need a little help narrowing down the more than 350,000 choices on our site, so here are five essential questions to ask before you click ‘book now’:

What’s your budget? Adjust our price range filter to suit your wallet – and remember, you can find bargains and last minute hotels in even the priciest cities. You can also save with a hotel deal in business districts over the weekend. Steer clear of glitzy Capadocia and Kusadasi if you want to bed down in mid-range Antalya hotels, and aim for Capadocia or Izmir to find cheap Istanbul hotels.

Are you a power tourist or an experiential traveller? If you have a list of sights longer than your arm, your top priority is being close to transport links. But if you prefer to mosey and soak up the sights, cherry-pick a neighbourhood suited to café culture or shopping

Are you a culture vulture or a night owl? If you want to make the most of all-night Antalya then Antalya hotels close to the nightlife are a must.
How much time will you spend in the hotel?
Do you want to do day-trips?
So over to you: boutique hotels or cheap motels? Glamorous Cesme or budget hostels? Istanbul hotels with a view of Bosphorus view or Kusadasi hotels made for romance? You can compare anything from treetop hideaways to ice hotels on And as if our hotel deals and trusted reviews weren’t enough, if you book hotels with us, we’ll give you 30% off a Turkey This Way guide book of your choice. Because that’s what friends are for.