Altınbeşik Cave

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Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave;The cave is located at the western slope of the deep and very steep Manavgat Valley which is to the east of Ürdünlü village of Akseki District. It takes about one hour of walking to the cave from the village.

The cave, with the total length of 2500 m. has the highest point at +101 meters in respect to the cave entrance. It is a horizontal and partially active cavern. As the lower and medium parts of the cavern are sometimes active, small lakes are formed at the dry seasons most of the time. The upper level is always dry. The air of the cave is very humid and the average temperature is around 16-18ºC. No animal groups drawing attention are encountered.

Altınbeşik Cave is one of the most beautiful caves of Turkey. The karstic topography of the environment and the pine forests exhibit a marvellous spectacle. The cave is at the exit end of a very long and big underground system. This big system pulling Kızılova, Kambos and Söbücesuyu ends at the Altınbeşik – Düdensuyu Cave under the Oruç Sinkhole Cave. Therefore, this underground water system with a length exceeding 100 km is one of the longest and biggest karst systems of the

Big rock blocks are interesting at the high levels of the cave which loose the activity totally. Among these there are stalactite and stalagmites. The first 200 meters via the cave entrance forms the lower level and is permanently under water. Through the end of the lower level, there is a steep climb of 40 m. This climb and adjasent walls are covered with thick travertine of white color. This forms the most beautiful location of the cave.