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Cennet Cave

Cennet Cave ; The cave is at 63 km southeast of Icel and 22 km. far from Silifke District. The ponor is reached by the Icel-Silifke coastal road on 1800 m. asphalt road.
The Cennet Ponor Cave is formed as a result of various geological movements and the corrosion by the underground waters. It is one of the most attractive natural formations of Icel.
The cave has formed as the result of the collusion of the ceiling because of the erosion of a creek passing under the ground in the Miocene period limestone. The cave has approximately 275×125 m. diameter and a deepest point of 135 m. The Cennet Ponor Cave descends to the direction of south in the shape of an inclined deep hole and takes on the shape of a cave at the end. The temporary lake that appears in the period when the level of underground water is high is dry in summer.
Cennet and Cehennem Ponors serve as two shafts formed by the collusion of the upper section of the same underground system. In order to descend down the ponor a pathway in the form of stairs which is left from Roman period can be used. There are ruins of a chapel that belongs to Byzantines at the west end.