Eshab-ı Kehf Cave, Tarsus

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Eshab-ı Kehf Cave

Eshab-ı Kehf Cave ;Having been accepted as a sacred place by both the Christians and the Muslims after the conquest of the Seljuks, Ashab-ı Kehf became an important place to visit just as it had been in the Byzantine period. It is known by the Christians with the name ‘;;;;;Seven Sleepers’;;;;;. In the lexical meaning, Seven Sleepers refer to the seven young believers who escaped the persecution of the heathen Dakianus and took refuge in the cave in the Roman period, and after being put to sleep by God for many years, were woken again, and who are known among the public with their names Yemliha, Mislina, Mekselina, Mernuş, Debernuş, Şazenuş and Kefestatayuş and their dog Kıtmir. Ashab-ı Kehf is an Arabic compound phrase made up of two words. Kehf means cavern, hole, cave. Its Arabic synonym is ğar. Ashab has two meanings. The first is the plural of ‘;;;;;owner’;;;;;. Therefore, The Seven Sleepers, Ashab-ı Kehf means ‘;;;;;cave friends’;;;;; in this context. The other is ashab which is used as a word meaning pals, friends, and it also means cave pals, cave friends and cave splitters in this frame of reference.