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Kuz Cave

Kuz Cave; Kuz Cave is located at the steep side of the Köprüçay canyon, near Asar Hill which is to the southwest of Kesme Borough. Reaching to the edge of the canyon from the borough in 15 – 20 minutes by tractor or any other land cruiser is possible. When this road is arranged, this period would be much shorter. However, in order to reach the cave which is at the middle of the 700-750 m. deep canyon is possible by foot and takes about half an hour. This downward walk is hard and dangerous.
Properties: The total length is 224 meters and the deepest point in respect to the entrance is at 17.5 meters. The cave has hot and semi dry atmosphere. There is a significant air circulation at the narrow passages and side branch connections.
The width of the cave alters between 2-16 m and the height of the ceiling alters between 1-20 meters. The middle and final sections of the cave is covered with beautiful various shapes of damlataş (stalagmite, stalactite, pillar, wall and cover damlataş, damlataş pools,… etc..) To the end of the main gallery, a thick sand and pebble deposit could be encountered. These parts of the cave are the deepest sections. The ending point of the side branch separated from these deposits is + 10 meters above the entrance.
Kuz cave is 250-300 meters above the river bed and is a fossil cave which is hydrological suspended (vadoz belt).Because of this fact, except from the dripping or leaking water in precipitant seasons, it is completely dry. These waters form small ponds at the end of the main gallery.