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Kuzgun Cave

Kuzgun Cave; Aladaglar is an outstanding limestone massif located in the Eastern Taurids Range within Adana-Kayseri-Niğde provinces of Turkey. The massif covers an area of 800 km2 and the local relief extends between 400m and 3750m elevations. The physiography of the area is characterized by Fig.1. In 2001-2004 extensive field investigations of karst and caves have been carried out in Aladaglar under the joint Turkish-Ukrainian “Aladaglar Karst and Cave Research Project”, a part of the “Call of the Abyss Project”. These studies resulted in the discovery and exploration of about 150 caves, including the remarkable 1400m-deep Kuzgun Cave, and provided new data and insight into regional karst evolution, hydrogeology and geomorphology. This paper briefly overviews the project background, its preliminary results, and gives a brief introduction to Kuzgun Cave.