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Oylat Cave

Oylat Cave; The cave is located at one kilometer south of Hamiliye village which is 17 km. away from the road branching for Oylat Thermal Spring Resort from Bursa-Ankara highway.
Properties: The total length of the cave is 665 meters and is composed of two main sections. The first section is formed from narrow galleries and is the section starting from the entrance to the end of the debris. There are cauldrons and damlataş pools inside the cave. The second section is the big debris saloon. This section of the cave is composed of large blocks and giant damlataş shapes. (stalactite, stalagmite and pillars)
The front side of the cave has the temperature of 29ºC , humidity of 47 percent, the entrance has the temperature of 19ºC, humidity of 55 percent, at the narrow gallery the temperature of 17ºC, humidity of 78 percent and at the debris saloons the temperature of 14ºC and humidity of 90 percent.