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Yelini Cave

Yelini Cave;This cave is located at the south of the Yelinüstü Cave and is at the southeast of Sivrihisar Mountains lying between Sivrihisar and Gunyuzu Sakarya River.
The total length of the cave is 271 m. and the deepest point is at -26 m. in respect to the cave entrance.
The cave divided into many saloons and chambers because of the dripstones and large blocks fallen from the ceiling is covered with gorgeous dripstones in appearance. Generally, the temperature inside the cave decreases while the humidity increases as long as one walk from entrance to the end. The cave has a temperature of 25.5ºC and a humidity of 45% at the entrance and has a temperature of 16.1ºC and 79.5% of humidity in the final saloon.
This cave displays similar properties with Yelinüstü Cave and there are some remains and shapes proving that it had been used by humans for a long time inside the cave. Flintstones, chippings, axes and spearheads were found at the slopes and fields in front side of the cave. Various tools, bones, pottery pieces were also found at the entrance. There are cisterns and brick pools with a depth exceeding 2 m. are present at the saloon.