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Gastronomy Route

Welcome to the Gastronomy Route; Traditional food and drink of Anatolia


Know in Roman times as Niconia, also referred to as Yankoniye, Trokmu and Gordiana, the Greek origin of the name Çorum is Dzorum. According to a study, the name Corum comes from a tribe connected to Üçok branch of the Oghuz Turks.

Çorum, a unique city full of cultural treasures, has a generous nature and has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Of the whole Anatolian peninsula, Çorum has the most traces of the Hittite civilization; and the route between Central Anatolia and the Black Sea maintained its importance in the transition of civilisations througout time. The ancient city of Hattusa is one of the list of the 10 places in Turkey which are Unesco World Heritage Sites.

The 1355 kilometre long Kızılırmak (Red River) passes through 10 districts of the province and gives life to the city of Çorum. The longest river in Turkey, the Kızılırmak greens the landscape of Çorum and links the cultures of the deep valleys of the interior to the Black Sea coast. In contrast to the southern part of the province, which has mountains, deep valleys, lush forests, waterfalls, the natural beauty of the northern part is made up of colored plateaus. Of course, the cuisine reflects the rich cultural mosaic of Çorum.

About the Route

A different concept, used for the first time in Turkey, was used to prepare the Kızılırmak Basin Corum Gastronomy and Walking Route project. In an ecotourism study, the cultural, historical and natural beauty of settlements along the Kızılırmak were evaluated and found to support a unique food culture. Along the route of the river, in the lap of nature, a steady flow of travellers make a ceaseless journey though time and space, borne by the currents of time, spreading this culture.

As a result of the evaluation of Kızılırmak Basin for ecotourism, 190 kilometers of gastronomy and hiking trails are now marked. They are made up of 25 tracks, along with alternative routes, totalling 305 kilometers. Similar to other trails in Turkey, the trails include long walking routes of 37 and 52-kilometer length marked with red-and-white waymarks. There are 7 bicycle routes totalling 606 kilometers, generally following village and forest paths. A 702 kilometer section known as the Scenic Vehicle Road, begins at Hirfanlı Dam, near Kırşehir and passes through Kirikkale, Ankara, Çankırı, Corum, Samsun and Sinop provinces. Those who want to follow the northbound Kızılırmak from the town of Avanos in the province of Nevsehir can use parts of this route parallel to the river to reach the Black Sea littoral. Those who wish to see the historical values of Çorum can follow the 359 kilometer Culture Route. Thus you can, on one journey, pass the ancient sites of Hattusa, Yazılıkaya, Alacahöyük, Corum Museum and the clock tower, Kapılıkaya, Osmancık Koyunbaba Bridge, Kandiba Castle, the Citadel and the Mosque of Hacıhamza Kargi, İskilip Castle and Rock Tombs, Ugurludag Resuloğlu ruins and Sungurlu clock tower. At the same time, all the bike routes and the Scenic Vehicle Road can be combined as a jeep safari route.

While exploring this ecotourism route through the south of the province of Sinop and the north of Çankırı as well as through Corum, enfolded by the lovely Kızılırmak, you have the opportunity to see authentic items of historical and cultural value, crafts and folklore. In addition, you can sample the delights of local traditional delicacies with strange-sounding names, which can not be translated, but which are based on field crops such as beans, lentils, wheat, poppyseed, noodles, stuffed vegetables of many sorts, sweets such as helva.

The route is particularly well suited for hiking in the period between April to November. The highest part of the trail is Kösedağ (2100 m.) which, together with Sakaröküz Hill is under heavy snow in winter.

Best Trails

  • Karayanık – Waterfalls – Asarkaya
  • Gökçedoğan Dam Lake – Kızıloluk Picnic Area
  • Karaağaç Yayla – Mt. Köse – Çukuraluç
  • Tepelice – Hacıveliler – Kargı Holiday Village
  • Kargı Holiday Village – Kızılcaoluk Waterfall – Başköy
  • Yalakyayla – Akpınar
  • Akpınar – Ahmetçe – İskilip

Recommended 7-day Walk
Day 1 : İskilip-Ahmetçe (7 km), stay in a village house in Ahmetçe

Day 2 : Ahmetçe-Akpınar-Yalakyayla (14 km), camp at Yalakyayla

Day 3 : Yalakyayla-Sorkun (11 km), stay in a village house in Sorkun

Day 4 : Sorkun-Asarkaya-Şelaleler-Karayanık (14 km), stay in a village house at Karayanık

Day 5 : Karaağaç Yaylası-Abdullah Yaylası (10 km), stay in Kargı Holiday Village

Day 6 : Tepelice-Hacıveliler-Kargı Holiday Village (11 km), stay in Kargı Holiday Village

Day 7 : Kargı Holiday Village-Waterfall-Başköy-İkitaş (14 km), stay in Kargı