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The Independence Trail

Welcome to the Independence Trail Follow the route of the War of Independence

The Independence War

Wars of independence give rise to legends and symbols of national rebirth. The Independence Route connects the corners of a triangle which played an important role during Turkey’s War of Independence. During the war, boatloads of arms and ammunition arrived at the port of İnebolu from İstanbul and Russia over a period of three years. A dirt road, built at the end of the 19th century by volunteers and convicts, connected the port of İnebolu to Ankara, and was a vital conduit for military supplies. The famous saying of Mustafa Kemal, “While my eyes scanned Sakarya and Dumlupinar (battlefields), my ears were at İnebolu” demonstrates the importance of the Independence Route, plied by the oxcarts carrying their burdens towards independence.

The Independence Trail (İstiklal Yolu)

The Independence Trail follows the old road from İnebolu to Kastamonu. A well-preserved oxcart road between İnebolu and Kastamonu forms part of the route. Of huge historical importance, the famous road also passes through spots of outstanding natural beauty, such as Ersizler Gorge, Karacehennem Pass and Çuhadoruğu peak. A milestone of the struggle for nationhood, the Independence Trail was revived as a trekking and biking course by the Governorship of Kastamonu. Work on the project commenced in April 2007. The most picturesque part of the old oxcart route between İnebolu and Kastamonu, passing through Kure, is perfect for nature lovers. The first ten kilometres of the 105-kilometre route were built as a pathway, and the old oxcart road was repaired over the remaining section. For more information in Turkish, visit this site

Recommmended 7 day walk
1. Day : İnebolu-Çuhadoruğu – Stay in Çuhadoruğu village house or camp
2. Day : Çuhadoruğu-Küre Ayrancı Picnic area – camp at Ayrancı
3. Day : Ayrancı-Ecevit Han – stay at Ecevit Han
4. Day : Çatak Gölet transfer – Çatak Göleti-Belören-Ecevit Han – stay at Ecevit Han
5. Day : Ecevit Han-Ödemiş – stay in a village house in Ödemişor camp
6. Day : Ödemiş-Seydiler – acommodation in Seydiler
7. Day : Seydiler-Kastamonu (vehicle transfer for part)