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At the northern most tip of the Marmara Region, the last shore to be washed by the waters of the Black Sea, Igneada is a hidden Garden of Eden among the dark green forests.Founded by the Thracians who first gave their name to the greater region as early as the 2nd millennium BC, Igneada was among the districts where the communities abandoned nomadic life to live in the villages.Igneada is internationally famous for its flora and fauna, with the oceanic climate characteristic of the Black Sea Region. Although all the seasons are usually wet, you might still find pleasant sunny days during summers.Extremely rich in its cultural legacy and ecological treasures, Igneada is sure to satisfy your expectations as a unique resort. Turn your back on the mountains and your face to the dark blue sea, and enjoy Igneada any time of the year.

Like its visitors attracted primarily to its natural beauties, you, too, can join in the various exploration and sports activities.Igneada marks the sea frontier between Turkey and Bulgaria.The historical attractions include the castle ruins from the Genoese period, the Sivriler village where you can see the old houses that are thought to belong to the Thracians, and also the Thracian tombs.Situated between the Hamam Lake and the Bulanik River, Aypolos district is interesting for the ancient mounds, the tumulus, the graves, in addition to the ruins of housing structures.Internationally renowned for its ecological diversity and rare type of flooding forests, Longoz Su Basar Forests area is protected as a National Park. The forest area houses a rich variety of plants, trees, animals and birds as well as numerous water creatures living in its many lakes.The Dupnisa Caves are excellent for an adventurous trek. Created by nature’s hand 180 million years ago, the Dupnisa Cave complex was formed by the merging of three caves, with the length of 2 kilometres.Visitors are also interested in seeing the Fisherman’s Shelter (Balikci Barinagi) at the harbour. Known for its delicious sea food, you might as well explore this aspect of Igneada as well.You can watch the gorgeous scenery from the light house at the harbour, built by the French 150 years ago.With its serene blue sea, bright sun and dramatic sky, Igneada is sure to satisfy your need to get close to nature.You are strongly advised to taste the magnificent sea food and delve into the vibrant market before you leave.We look forward to seeing you in Igneada to enjoy the peace and the wonders of nature.

One of the farthest tips of the Thracian Region is easily accessible if you are driving from Istanbul.Upon arrival at one of the airports in Istanbul, you can directly go to the bus terminal to take a bus on the Kirklareli – Igneada direction. The intercity transportation options are the public buses and the taxis.