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Safranbolu: A dreamy town of historical significance, Safranbolu is located in the Black Sea Region and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.Mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, Safranbolu, with a history dating back to ancient times, has been one of the major cities of many civilizations.As one of the most important and beautiful heritages of Karabük province located in the western Black Sea, Safranbolu showcases exquisite examples of traditional Ottoman architecture.Safranbolu welcomes everyone who wants to take a sojourn into unspoiled nature and pursue the traces of history.

Safranbolu is world-renowned not only for its ancient artifacts but also for its historical texture reminiscent of the Ottoman times.The area is famous for its Safranbolu Houses which are preserved in their original state thanks to their inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.The houses are centrally located and you may start to explore the region from here. Built during the Ottoman era one of the most important civilizations that influenced the Anatolian culture, the Safranbolu houses have inspired the construction of similar houses in other parts of Turkey. The town is an ideal location to explore the lifestyle of the previous centuries in full detail.Bazaars such as Yemeniciler Bazaar, Bakırcılar Bazaar, Semerciler and Demirciler Bazaar are among the other historical places worth the visit. The locus of traditional art and handicraft, these bazaars will broaden your horizon.You can take an excursion to Hidirli Hill where you can behold the entire town of Safranbolu and take wonderful pictures of the beautiful landscape.The Safranbolu City History Museum is another must-see place that displays a collection of artifacts of the area and sheds light on the history of Safranbolu. The museum is also known as the Kaymakamlar Museum House.Yörük Village with its cobblestoned streets is another example of traditional architecture. The village is a highly recommended place and will take you on a journey to the past.Cinci Han and Bath is another popular tourist attraction with a history of over 400 years. The inn accommodates some service areas where you can rest and drink some coffee. Havuzlu Konaklar (meaning; Mansions with pools) is another area where you can stopover.You can organize an excursion to Mencilis Bulak Cave and Tokatlı Canyon if you want to discover the natural beauty of Safranbolu.Representative of the world famous Turkish cuisine, Safranbolu offers also a variety of local specialties such as Safranbolu bükme, safranlı zerde tatlisi (zerde pudding with safron), Safranbolu baklava and Turkish delight.Wouldn’t it be nice to explore this generous landscape where the green nature meets with history?

One of Turkey’s valuable assets, Safranbolu attracts also the attention for its entertaining festivals.The International Golden Saffron Documentary Film Festival with the main theme “Cultural Heritage and Conservation” is held in September every year. The festival offers a variety of screening sessions in addition to numerous dishes and delicacies from many countries around the globe.The Uluyayla, Yörükköy, Vintage and Çıraklar Village festivals are organized annually in August and September. The festivals are well known for their entertaining activities.We are sure that you will have a great time should you be visiting by the time these festivals are held.

One of the most colorful towns of the Western Black Sea, Safranbolu promises a convenient holiday with a variety of transportation options.Though Safranbolu lies in Karabük province the closest airport is located in Ankara. Having arrived in Ankara you may get on one of the intercity buses leaving from the central bus terminal to Safranbolu.Karabük is also accessible by car or by bus. The shuttle services and taxis waiting at the Karabük bus terminal will take you to Safranbolu in a short time.Wouldn’t you like to take a break and visit this magic town located amidst a wonderful nature?