Istanbul Cagaloglu Bath

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Cagaloglu Bath

Cagaloglu Bath İstanbul;It’s spotted in Cagaloglu neighborhood close to the Underground Cistern. The hammam was fabricated by an obscure planner in 1741 by the request of Sultan Mahmut I to give income to the library of Sultan Mahmut and the Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) Mosque around then.
The hammam has separate segments for both men and ladies. It joins distinctive Ottoman design styles and was the final one of the immense hammams to be inherent the city before their development was prohibited by Sultan Mustafa III in 1768, in view of the expanding requirements for water and wood in Istanbul.
The entryway of the ladies’ segment is on a side road called Hamam road, while the men’s passage is from the primary street of Yerebatan road. In the wake of entering, in the center is a pool with a waterjet and changing areas around. The arches are bolstered by curves and sections. After the frosty territory (sogukluk), you enter in the hot region (sicaklik). There is a marble stage (gobektasi) in the focal point, encompassed by washing work spaces (halvets) in each of the four corners.