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Cukur Hamam İzmir

The Cukur Hamam is an old traditional Turkish bath in Izmir. It was built in the 16th century and was one of the architectural masterpieces made during the Ottoman reign. The Cukur Hamam has been several times renovated but nowadays it still has kept some fragments of its original architecture. Today the hamam has two separate sections – for men and women. Each section is divided into three rooms – a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. The division is made according to the original Turkish bath concept.
In the cold room you will be introduced to the world of the Turkish hamam. You will change your clothes with the special cloth known as pestemal and you will prepare yourself for the experience. You can leave your clothes and possessions in the dressing rooms that will be at your convenience during your stay there. The dressing rooms have been recently added to the hamam and they were made in favor of the clients! The kind staff in the Cukur Hamam will give you detailed information about the facilities and the services in the bath so that you can easily orientate yourself!./p>
The cold room is followed by the warm room – the place where you will adapt your body to the temperature change! This is also the room where you will be welcomed by a team of therapists who will advise you about the best procedures related to your present health condition! If you aren’t in a perfect health condition or if you think that you can’t stand the heat in the hot room, you will not be allowed to enter the hot room! You can stay in the warm room as long as you want and here you can also have a cup of fresh traditional drink!
The best part of your Turkish bath experience in the Cukur Hamam is the hot room. Enjoy the variety of procedures offered there! You can get the advantage to wash your body with an original Turkish soap or to peel it! There are also several massages that will distress you! Lying on the special platform, you will be served some fresh beverages and snacks so that your stay can be complete!
If you feel too tired after the hot room experience, you can go to one of the rest rooms and have a nap! You can also take a cold shower and come back on the platform!
There is no doubt that you will have great time in the Cukur Hamam!