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Kaleici Hamam

The Kaleici Hamam is an old traditional Turkish bath in Kusadasi. It is located in the old part of the resort and you can easily reach it by the public transport. The Kaleici Hamam belongs to the Ottoman period and it is considered to be one of its greatest architectural examples. Today the bath will impress you with its architecture both of the interior and the exterior. Its interior is made mostly of wood and you will feel the authentic Turkish bath atmosphere for sure. The Kaleici Hamam is divided into two separate sections – one for men and another one for women. Each section consists of three rooms – a cold room, a warm room and a hot room. All rooms in the Kaleici Hamam are supplied with all the facilities you may need for your pleasant stay. There are also dressing rooms.
Visiting the Kaleici Hamam you will be introduced to the cold room. In this section you will change your clothes with the pestemal – the special cloth that you will need for your Turkish bath experience. You can place your clothes and possessions in the special dressing rooms known also as lockers that will be for your private use during the whole stay. In the cold room you will receive detailed information about the facilities in each room and about the experience itself.
After the cold room you will enter the warm room. This is the place where you will have the chance to adapt your body to the temperature change that awaits you in the hot room. With the help of regular steam flows you will adjust yourself to the heat. In the warm room the temperature is higher than the one in the cold room where it is moderate! You can stay in the warm room as long as you want so that you can be ready for the hot room experience. Meanwhile you can spoil yourself with a cup of a traditional Turkish drink.
The real Turkish bath experience in the Kaleici Hamam starts in the hot room. If you aren’t in a perfect health condition, you will not be allowed to enter it mainly because of the heat there. The temperature in the hot room is around 55 – 60 C. A team of therapists will take care of you during your stay in the hot room. They will assist you every step of your stay and they will advise you about the best procedure according to your present health condition.
In the hot room you will lie on a large marble platform where you can enjoy the traditional Turkish bath procedures such as washing and peeling with original Turkish soap. The feeling is relaxing and you just have to let the water clean your mind! You can also take the advantage to try one of the massages that will make your stay complete. If you get tired, you can refresh yourself with a traditional Turkish beverage! You can also go for a nap in one of the rest rooms. They are spacious and you will have a good rest there!
Another additional service in the Kaleici Hamam is the sauna where you can continue sweating your body!