Cumalikizik Houses



Generally, the homes of Cumalıkızık have three-storey and they were built as adjoined with each other which create a powerful atmosphere of peace, brotherhood, collaboration and good neighbourhood relations.

It was taken care of the family privacy, when the homes were found; ground, the first floor and courtyards in the external part of those buildings were furnished with the bonding timbered walls and rubble stones. At the upper storey with hipped roof and pantiled was covered the nog filling. Therefore it is not possible to see from outside.

Besides, there are placed two memorial planes;the village arena, and a fountain, situated in the east of the mosque, in the village. Mosque, village, coffeehouse and big plane triplet, which are displayed in Ottoman locations, are also exhibited in the centre of Cumalıkızık Village. The constructions, which are comprised natural street configuration by topographer, were decorated according to characteristic privacies of the region. Therefore, all civil architecture examples are separate from each other.

When you step in that charming village, you experience the nostalgia with the stone homes, small bakery spreading delicious smell of bread, ancient winery, multi coloured such as blue, pink, red, purple homes.