The Toros Aladaglar Mountains

The Toros Aladaglar Mountains

Forming part of the Central Toros range, the Aladaglar range runs from the southwest to the northeast for approximately 50 kilometers. It is between 25 and 30 kilometers wide and boasts the region’s highest peak, Demirkazik which stretches to 3756 meters. Other high summits include Kizilkaya in the center (3725 m), a peak that reaches 3688 meters in the south and Mount Vayvay in the East (3565m). The long range is situated in the provinces of Nigde and Adana and rises between Lake Ecemis and the Zamanti river.

The geological formation of the area is responsible for the interesting rock formations and waterfalls. The erosion of limestone has created a fascinating karstic topography and hydrography, especially in the Yedigoller valley, where karstic underground rivers and caverns collect the surface water. Both the Mediterranean and Anatolian weather systems influence the climate of the Aladaglar bringing warm summers and cool winters to the mountains.

The best season to climb the mountains is during June, July and August when the alpine meadows of higher elevations are rich in vegetation.

Researchers and mountaineers ascending the Aladaglar usually begin their climb from either Camardi or Cukurbag villages. Those attempting to climb the Demirkazik summit depart from Demirkazik village. Both of these village lie 65 km from Nigde and can be reached by an asphalt road.

The plateau, “yayla” of the Toros Aladag are the summer homes of entire villages and the summer grazing of herds of animals. Be sure to see the gathering in of all the animals for milking. Traditionally women of these encampment have produced some of Turkey’s most beautiful carpets and kilims, and it is often possible to see a carpet still in progress.