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Aladağlar National Park

Aladağlar National Park – Niğde ;In the Mediterranean region, Nigde, Kayseri, Adana is located within the city limits. 1995 has been declared. Surface area is 55 064 hectares. Taurus Mountains with the highest peak of Aladağlar is one of the most geologically interesting places in our country. Glacial lakes and waterfalls are worth seeing Jacke head. National park in the Ponderosa showercabins altitude areas, there are pine and fir communities. Most of the trees on the border of herbaceous plants that grow among rocks have showy flowers. these areas exceed 30 degrees in the day and night temperature difference is really surprising to encounter such beauty. wild goats in national parks, wild boar, wolves, coyotes mammals like martens, live prey and songbirds. Aladağlar within and outside the country, it is a place where the most popular mountaineers in our country