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Karagöl-Sahara National Park

Karagöl-Sahara National Park; In the early 19th century, a landslide caused by the closure of the stream known as pre-fall type Karagöl experiencing nowadays also seçikiy the attention of nature lovers. They’re boating Karagöl surrounded by various professional groups for organized trips and tours of trees with yellowing of the local and international turistleryaprak. County 25 kilometers away from the Ministry of Environment and Forests has done work transportation difficulties despite Karagöl every year about 10 thousand tourists visited indicated that natural beauty to be transferred intact to future generations.
Artvin Savsat Karagöl-Sahara National Park is located in the township consists of two separate areas. These are Karagöl and Sahara plateau.
Karagöl Şavşat of 45 km. north is located. Şavşat Sahara is the center of 17 km. Distance is in.
Karagöl and around the Paleogene and Neogene public lands are located. Sedimentary rocks are usually originated.
yarılmıştı.b splitting with Karagöl and places valley environment has been the cause of the landslides and mass movements active in the region. Accumulated in the bowl behind the floating mass of water is rotationally Karagöl lake formed by a landslide.
The lake is covered with dense forest consisting of spruce and pine. These natural elements such as Karagöl has the rare beauty of landscapes. Also Bagatini located in and around the areas of quality grass skiing slope in the northeast of the lake are available.
Sahara plateau; occurring in the general region basalt cover has a geological structure. Cover where stripped of basalt revealed tertiary land. slope values that are broken in places by deep valleys in the region is quite high. Sahara, located at 1700-1800 m in the sloping land is one of a limited level.
Forest cover has occurred from spruce and fir. There is also a Scots pine in the lower zones. In the region of anthropogenic steppe character pitches it covers large areas.
Kocabey springs and surrounding Alpine is located in the Zona of plant species. Rashad creek at the edge of the stage located at 1700-1800 meters plains also “Sahara Beet Festival” what the field is. This festival of the region participated in local people sitting outside in extremely large economic contribution in terms of domestic tourism.
that this recreational area of supply in order to protect their potential and natural beauty of 3766 hectares has been a National Park in 1994.
National Park used to be part of the casinos broke in Karagöl and a 12-bed facility providing accommodation services.