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Uludag National Park

Uludag National Park – Bursa; In particular, winter tourism has an important place in Uludağ. domestic and wild in winter are constantly visited by tourists.
Bursa Uludag vacation from your natural beauty, you are invited to Uludag National Park. Let’s talk about the Uludag National Park will remain under the influence when you see it.
taken under protection since 1961, it was declared a national park area, covers an area of 12.762 hectares. access to Uludag National Park is very easy and fun. If you wish to contact with the road, as you can if you wish to stay in the cable car and chair lift … located hotels in Uludag National Park, you can camp with your friends in the camping area.
In the region, there are many endemic plants. You can get plenty of oxygen in forested areas and both can spend peaceful time away from the whole mess. Especially if you go in winter you can enjoy skiing in Uludag Ski Center as well as you wish.