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Çiglikara Nature Reserve

Çiglikara Nature Reserve – Antalya ; The park is in the district of Elmali, west of Antalya. It lies between the villages of Kizilagac, Zumrutova and Tekkeli.
Ciglikara can be reached by the Antalya-Finike-Elmali road, or Antakya-Korkuteeli-Elmali road. There is good public transport available to Antalya and Finike from other regions of Turkey.
The area is the perfect natural habitat of the cedar tree (Cedrus Libani) and many types of juniper, poplar and silver birch, with a total of 32 species of trees growing in 11 hectares. The park covers nearly 16,000 hectares, with 400 species of plant including 116 in the region between 1050-2200m altitude. Wild boars, hyenas, jackals, badgers, martens, foxes squirrels, moles and a small number of bears and lynxes also inhabit the area, plus a variety of birds and reptiles.