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Samandere Waterfall

Samandere Waterfall – Düzce ;In the southeast of Duzce, 26 km from the city center. Located away from Samandere Falls, located within the village boundaries Samandere. which gave its name to the village, which consists Samandere Falls with properties caused by natural phenomena, natural formation properties in accordance with the Law on National Parks and Forestry Ministry “Natural Monument” has been registered. Moreover the 500m. High trees and is registered in the section called The Crucible with two small waterfalls.
In Samandere Falls, strongly flowing water through the trees, the source of the deep reefs of almost won the witch poured into white foam. in the rock behind the waterfall, a break Taking water continues to flow a little lost out ahead again with a naturally occurring cave.
Tagged with nature, Samandere Falls as a monument protected our natural existence. The rich vegetation of the waterfall that integrates with the sound of water, recreation and picnic areas, hiking trails, camping areas, has a magnificent the forest recreation ground. TEM Motorway to 20km. D-100 Highway is 26km.