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Akdag Natural Park

Akdag Natural Park – Afyon; The Akdağ Natural Park covers a 14.916 hectare area in between the borders of Sandıklı District of Afyon Province and Çivril District of Denizli Province.
The environment, the affluence of the wild life, the interesting canyons, valleys and landscape values, and the recreation potentiality of Akdağ are the main characteristics of this Natural Park. As a result of the rich plant variety, it is intend to protect this place effectively. To provide the use of it, on the condition that beginning from the neighbourhood; in the region; and in the whole country, and to develop it in order to provide the use of it for different re – creative utilities in the balance of protection and usage; and to leave it to the next generations as a national heritage the area had been taken under the status of Natural Park.
Akdağ Natural Park takes place within the Internal Anatolia Region Directorate of Kütahya National Parks and Wild Hunting Area Head Engineers Office. It had been proclaimed as a “Natural Park” at the date of 29.06.2000.