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Polonezköy Natural Park

Polonezköy Natural Park – İstanbul ; which is home to native plant species in all of Istanbul, away from the city, wild birds and the sounds of nature accompanied by lush nature and culture are experiencing at the same time be defined as a unique corner of paradise. Examples of the types of plant species pine, chestnut, hornbeam, oak, beech, linden and if the substrate laurel, strawberry, cherry laurel, cotoneaster, the new geyikdik, pyracantha given. in Polonezköy 1 pheasant – Partridge Generating Station and 1 deer – roe Generating Station convenience. It also contains many kinds of animals in the Polonezköy. Examples of this kind in red deer, roe deer, wild boar, jackals, foxes, squirrels, martens, weasels, pheasants, partridges, hawks, hawk, falcon, blackbird, goldfinch, may be animals such as turtle doves and owls.
What can be done Polonezköy Nature Park? Picnic, camping, trekking, OryantringMountain, walking – jogging and many tourist facilities built in rural areas, but keep the bike paths are also available. Poles living in this village in Turkey in general, are attracted little attention when people heard sociological and geographical terms provinces. weekend in Polonezköy day trips, picnics, barbecue, high quality, luxury and peaceful dinner in the restaurant, you can evaluate the many opportunities such as weddings and various parties can spend quality time.
Polish village where the weight of this is seen in the reflection of a different culture and lifestyle. Ideal for camping areas are available, especially on weekends. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited by the park, Gustave Flaubert, Fransz List and has hosted many famous names.
What’s visible in Polonezköy Park? There Polonezköy aunt Zofia memorabilia in the house. This home village history and old photographs are exhibited. You can find out here what you want to know about the village. wood carving sculptures out of the picture so you can spend a pleasant time and attending cultural events such as exhibitions and recitals. History and Culture House is located in the village church Polonezköy one of the places worth seeing.