Yüksekkaldırım Ashkenazi Synagogue

Yüksekkaldırım Ashkenazi Synagogue (Galata, 1900)

Ashkenazi Jews emigrated from Europe to the Ottoman territories at the end of the 14th century. According to the book Die Juden der Türkei by David Trietsch, the population of Ashkenazi Jews in Istanbul in the mid-1920s was more than 11,000. Today, the number of their population is under 700.

In the 20th century, there were three Ashkenazi synagogues in Istanbul: Or Hadash Synagogue was closed, and Tofte Begadim Synagogue was converted to the Schneidertempel Art Center. The third, the Yüksekkaldırım Ashkenazi Synagogue, is located near the Galata Tower. After the original synagogue burned down in 1866, a new one was built and opened by Jews of Austrian origin in 1900. Currently, it is only active and open to visitors and prayer.