As well as specialising in private and tailor-made holidays, we also offer a range of small group cultural and adventure holidays to exciting destinations around the world. These are fully guided by experienced local tour guides and run on regular departure dates throughout the year.

Our escorted tours run on much more restricted dates, and are fully accompanied by a specialist in their field. They often travel with you on your flights (from selected airports around the world), and will either lead the tour completely themselves, or work in conjunction with one of our local guides in each country you visit. The tours often include extra and more specialised visits, talks and workshops during the trip.

Why choose Turkey Travel & Vacation Guide Escorted tours?

  • Escorts all reputed experts in their field
  • In depth explanations and instruction
  • Informal atmosphere, educational but not lectures
  • Specially designed itineraries
  • Unique experiences not featured in any other tours
  • Travel times selected to be ideal for your destination
  • Options for flight inclusive or land only
  • Return home feeling like an expert yourself